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``This training brought a wealth of resources and knowledge for parents and teens in preventing any type of abuse and promoting healthy communication. It’s helped me learn how to be sensitive and compassionate in asking the right questions to my daughter.”

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Social Media and Mental Health

Phones down, eyes up—so many possibilities!


of teens feel overwhelmed by the number of notifications they receive daily.


of parents/caregivers blame themselves for their child’s cell phone addiction.


of teachers witness their students’ emotional challenges increase with device use.

iRespect&Protect helps children, youth, and adults recognize their self-worth and the influence of device use on their lives.

YOU can have conversations about social media, low self-esteem, sexting, cyberbullying, curiosity about pornography, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide, with kids, teens, parents and trusted adults.

We can help.

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3 Steps To Feel Confident Before Giving Your Child a Cell Phone


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Thank you Salem/Keizer, Perrydale, and St. Paul School Districts for piloting our myWorth program! Our youth are safer because of you!


iRespect&Protect began as a local conversation in the Oregon Mid-Willamette Valley about the connection between cell phone usage and the increase in depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation amongst the youth in our communities.


Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, the suicide rate has risen dramatically amongst our youth to become the leading cause of death in the State of Oregon for ages 10-24 (Oregon Health Authority). This is why iRespect&Protect was created. Today, iRespect&Protect supports the lives of youth, families, and communities by fostering positive self-worth, promoting healthy online choices, and encouraging safe relationships.


We invite you to explore our resources to learn how to reach out, start hard conversations, and positively impact lives.