Safe & Sound Day 12: Minimizing Opportunities

Child abuse thrives in secret, and typically happens in hidden spaces out of sight. Yesterday, we talked about learning the facts of child sexual abuse. Today, we’re talking about minimizing opportunities and addressing boundary violations. You can protect your child by looking hard at the spaces your child inhabits as well as setting rules and boundaries to protect your child from high-risk situations.

Safe & Sound Day 11: Learn the Facts

For this final week of Safe & Sound, we’re focusing on one of the most common forms of abuse: child sexual abuse.

We acknowledge this is a very difficult and sensitive subject.  It can be very uncomfortable to think about, and we will not share any details about instances of child sexual abuse.  Our discussions this week may still feel difficult—especially if you or someone you care about has been impacted by this form of abuse.

Safe & Sound Day 10: Online Predators

We’ve been talking this week about internet safety. Today, we’re turning our attention to the most extreme threat on the internet—online predators. Kids are their targets! Learn how they operate to help you get one step closer to protecting your child.

Learn how they operate and you’re one step closer to protecting your child.

Safe & Sound Day 9: Inappropriate Posts

Today, we’re talking about unsafe online behaviors that can have a significant impact on kids.

We’re talking about sexting and other inappropriate posts.

If the thought of your kid sexting makes you cringe, we understand.  While this topic may seem like it only applies to older youth, it’s important to be proactive (rather than reactive) because younger children are becoming more exposed to sexting.

Safe & Sound Day 8: Online Gaming

There are some amazing and creative games being developed that can be enticing for kids to join and play. But online gaming always includes a social media aspect because they can connect with ANYONE to play these games. Today, we’re going to learn what our kids need to do to keep themselves safe while gaming.

Safe & Sound Day 6: Cyberbullying

This week, we’re going to focus on internet safety. Each day, we’ll introduce a new topic to help your child be safer online and use technology responsibly. We’re looking at a danger that’s close to home. According to recent research, a troubling 47% of young people have been intimidated, threatened, ridiculed, or socially ostracized by someone they know.

We’re talking about cyberbullying.

Safe & Sound Day 5: Your Changing Role

We’re wrapping up our first week with a topic that may tug at your heart: how do you protect your child when they no longer seem to need you?

Parenting, grand parenting, or caregiving is a journey. Every day, you strive to meet the needs of your child, and those needs change year by year.

But even when your child no longer seems to need you…they still do. And you can still play an important role in keeping them safe.

Safe & Sound Day 4: Modeling Healthy Relationships

Today, we’re talking about healthy relationships.

Did you know that healthy relationships (being in one and observing them) are a critical protective factor against child abuse? When your child understands and experiences healthy relationships, they are better able to understand when a relationship is unhealthy. Helping your child recognize red flags can make it much harder for an offender to gain your child’s trust.

You teach your child about relationships every day.

Safe & Sound Day 3: Giving Consent

Today we’re talking about consent.

When we say that word, what runs through your mind?

What do you think runs through the mind of a child or teen? Adults tend to think of consent only as pertaining to sex and sex education, but consent can be about more than sexual contact.

Consent is about having control of your body.