For Kids

I REALLY want a phone...
  1. Rules?
  2. Safe screen time?
  3. Boundaries?
I don't think I want a phone...

You don’t need to do anything you don’t want. Remember, you matter and you don’t have to do anything to fit in.

I don't think I want a SMART phone.
  1. Not everyone has to have a “Smart” phone.
  2. Have you heard of the Gabb phone?
I need to talk to my someone
  1. YOU are important to the safe adults in your life.
  2. They will listen to you.
  3. Just be honest.
What if I found something bad on my phone?
  1. Tell a parent right away.
  2. This can help you: worksheet. (PDF)


These tools can help you talk about hard topics.

Ask an adult to help you print these worksheets! You can even work on them together!

Worksheets For Children (10 Yrs And Younger)
Worksheets For Children (10 Yrs And Older)


We all need extra help sometimes. Please click on these links with your parent/caregiver or a trusted adult.

If this is an emergency, call 911.

These resource links represent a compilation of resources identified by iRespect&Protect staff.  It is not intended to be comprehensive and iRespect&Protect does not specifically endorse or make any representations regarding any of the resources.

Games & Videos
  • Interland Game
    Learn about the Internet in Kind Kingdom, Tower of Treasures, Mindful Mountain, and Reality River. Best for older children. Available in Spanish.
  • NetSmartz
    A site with videos, shows, and games to learn about internet safety and making better choices. Watch Julie’s Journey, Split Decisions, Two Kinds of Stupid, Your Photo Fate, and Broken Friendship.
  • NetSmartz Safety Videos
    Fun digital safety lessons. Learn from Nettie, Webster, and Clicky, the internet safety robot.
Local Support If You Need Help