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Child sexual abuse and digital abuse are preventable!

Available Trainings
  • Stewards of Children
    Learn the five steps to keeping children safe from child sexual abuse: 1) Learn the Facts; 2) Minimize Opportunity; 3) Talk About It; 4) Recognize the Signs; 5) React Responsibly.
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  • Cell Phones and Children, Best Practices
    Learn the connections between cell phone use and mental health. Explore our best practices and actionable tools you can implement with your family to stay safe and have healthy relationships with cell phones and devices.
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  • Digital Dangers & Internet Safety for Youth
    Understand the types of digital dangers (including sexting and cyberbullying) youth can be exposed to online. Learn strategies to help reduce risk and empower youth to make healthy choices.
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  • Bystanders Protecting Children
    An introduction to how bystanders play an important role in protecting children from boundary violations and sexual abuse. Learn new skills for intervening when someone has crossed a safe boundary with a child.
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  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
    An introduction to a complex problem emphasizing that children who are sexually abused have a significantly higher risk of being commercially sexually exploited.
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  • Healthy Touch for Children
    Learn about healthy sexual development and how to identify normal health touching behaviors from potential unhealthy behaviors.
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  • Let’s Talk
    Talking with children about sex and sexual abuse is an important step in protecting and empowering children. Learn how to talk about difficult topics and participate in practice conversations so you can feel confident talking with your children.
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  • Mandatory Reporter Review
    Review how to recognize, react to, and report child abuse. This training is intended for Mandatory Reporters and it’s presented in collaboration with ODHS Child Welfare.
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Trainings Overview

Through our Prevention Department, Liberty House provides prevention education and trainings in English and Spanish to help communities keep children safe. Providing awareness and tools, our trainings are designed to empower parents, caregivers, and other adults to protect children from abuse.

We use Darkness to Light as our foundational trainings for the prevention of child sexual abuse. Other customized trainings are created by our experienced staff in response to the needs of the community.

Who Takes Our Trainings?

Anyone who cares about children! Parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches, youth-serving organizations, health professionals, faith-based organizations, ministries, businesses, mandatory reporters and more.

Cost, Format, And More

Trainings are free, but there is a suggested $10 donation per person to help cover the cost of materials. All trainings are available in English and Spanish! Custom trainings are also available upon request.

Courses include videos, discussion, interactive materials, and a certificate of completion. Minimum class size of 5 adults for virtual or 10 adults for in-person. Contact us to schedule a private training!

If you do not see an upcoming training on our calendar, please contact us for scheduling.

We are happy to schedule a private training for your group or organization!

All trainings are available in English and Spanish.
Custom and private trainings available upon request.

Our trainings flyer provides further information: English (PDF) or Español (PDF).

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